Digital SAT

The Digital SAT will be launched in 2024
What are the dierences in the English and math sections?
How will the digital SAT remain the same?
1600 point scale
Tests reading, writing, and math skills
Proctored over the weekend or during the school day, depending on your location
What are the changes?
Digital test is adaptive (the level of question diculty changes for subsequent questions based
on student’s performance)
Testing device options
Students can bring their own laptop or tablet
Students can use a school-issued device
Students can borrowa device provided by the College Board
Shortened test - 2 hours (instead of 3 hours)
Digital format ensures students won’t lose their work in event of broadband issue or power
Shorter reading passages
Allows graphing calculators throughout the
math portion
One question for each reading (rather than 9-11)
Calculators are embedded into the exam
Texts will still be complex and questions will
require students to read, understand, analyze
Student can also bring their own graphing
What about test results and other facts?
Impact of digital SAT
Results sent within days (instead of weeks)
In November pilot launch, 80% of participants
found the new format to be “less stressful”
Still includes percentile rankings and
breakdown of students' scores
Students are already familiar with taking exams
Still provides information about four-year colleges
and scholarship opportunities
Addresses equity issues with free preparation
sources, fee waivers, and weekday testing
New - will provide resources about local
community colleges, workforce training, and
career options
Student who qualify will still be granted
extended time and other accommodations