Who We Are

sandra scarry

Sarah Burton Kahandaliyanage

Sarah has been preparing students for the SAT and ACT in both math and English for over ten years, first as a tutor for Kaplan Test Prep and now as the owner of Aspen Tutoring. Sarah graduated cum laude from Duke University and earned a master’s degree from New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts in the history of art and architecture, archeology, and conservation science.

Meaghan Ozaydin

Meaghan has been teaching English for over twenty-five years, including ten years in a Manhattan private school and over ten years in Ridgewood. As an English teacher, she has been committed to helping students grow as readers, writers, thinkers, and speakers.  She loves nothing more than helping her students find effective ways to navigate challenging text, essays, and tests.  Meaghan received  a BA in English from Boston College and a Masters in Teaching English from Fordham University.